Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Picture Polish Paris and a video tutorial for gold chevrons!

Hey guys! Today I have a swatch which turned into a mani I have been wearing for like 6-7 days! I have just been so busy with other stuff around the house that my nail list is growing and growing and growing.....

I bought Paris from Picture Polish for the bottle. I mean, look at it! LOOK! They recently released this and another called "Moscow" that have these city scapes on them. How amazing it it! The color of Paris is more in the coral-pink family, which I don't usually go for. But I had to give it a shot! When I was taking pictures all my camera saw was RED and this is definitely not a red polish, so I had to turn down the red level in the pics a little. I try really hard not to edit my pics too much (or at all) but sometimes, I'm finding, it's necessary. As a result my skin looks a little gray but that's ok ;)

After a couple days, as always, I feel the need to add. Paris has a gold holo micro shimmer running through it so Zoya Tomoko was a natural choice!

I made a little tutorial video for this mani, which almost was lost forever on my phone! We've all seen chevron tutorials a million times, but you still need to see this for the song I used...Paris by Faith Hill. One of my favorite Faith songs EVER and I don't think it was ever released as a single? It's off the Fireflies cd and its one of the best ones she made, and the last good one in my opinion. Please click here for the video!

I mean guys. Look at this bottle. I just want to frame it!

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