Friday, July 16, 2010

Very Important Instructions!

Okay people.
Consider this my last will and testiment.
If I die, I want to be buried in Buttercream Icing.*
To ensure that happens, here is detailed instructions on how to make it.
  • Step 1: Whip one pound of softened unsalted butter in mixer on high speed until it begs for mercy.

  • Step 2: add 4 pounds of powdered sugar. Mix slowly at first or you will develop PSEA .(Powdered Sugar Enduced Asthma). Don't worry, it's not fatal.
    Don't forget to add some milk and vanilla, also.

  • Step 3: Turn mixer on high and crank up some baby-makin' music.

(go ahead, get your nose in there. It's ok.)

(that's scraped off enough for licking, isn't it?)

  • Step 4: Bury sed blogger. Thank You In Advance.

*If for some reason there is a world-wide shortage of any of the above ingredients, proceed immediately to Chuy's and purchase a gallon of Creamy Tomatillo sauce that they use on the Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas. That will be an acceptable substitution.

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