Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hey Guess What??

:shouts from rooftops:
A little peer pressure will go a long way with a 4 yr old, I guess! We were at our pool today with some new friends, and among them is another 4 year old boy. One who does NOT have the pool issues that mine does. So there he is, being quite the fishie, and there's #1, being not the fishie using his inflatable ring and other various non-life-saving devices. Not that I'm complaining about that, because one short month ago, he wouldn't go near the pool.
So there I am, gabbing with the other moms, and all of the sudden I feel something tugging at my bathing suit top. And since Husband is at work, it can't be him. I look down, and there is my kid, face down in the water, flailing around his little arms and legs trying to pull himself up. I thought at first he fell in (off the steps he was playing on and I was standing next to) and had gotten over to me (in which case, yay for that!) And then I grab him and pull him up. I was in SHOCK!! I was all, what the heck are you doing?!? I asked him if he fell in or did he swim over to me? And he replied, sputtering, he swam over to me! And He put his "whole self" in the water! I tell you, it was a proud moment. I almost started crying!
So of course, I tried to get him to do it again, which he would have no part of. But eventually he did, a few more short distances. One time he forgot to move his arms so he just kind of stayed in one spot. I kept asking him what made him decide to do the whole swim on his own thing, and never got a straight answer. You know how 4 yr olds are. But then when we got home, I asked him again. And he stated, very plainly,
"W told me to. He showed me how and told me to do it and I did."
Well, there you go!
ps, I'm sorry if this is all skwunched up, I don't know why my spaces inbetween paragraphs aren't posting. ugh. I'm still a bloggie newbie.

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