Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool Party!

Our Neighborhood had a pool party this weekend, and each family had to sign up to bring a side or dessert. Guess which I chose??

These were super fun to make (drink umbrellas=FUN) and took me practically ZERO time, well, compared to the time it normally takes. They didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but pretty close! I used some more of the afore-mentioned Buttercream for the frosting. Which, as it turns out, is not-so-good for an outdoor summer event. (think to yourself, what happens to butter when it gets warm???) Luckily, they didn't last long.
We also had our long-awaited garage sale this weekend, finally. It went okay, I guess, considering prettymuch NO ONE in my town was having any babies at this exact moment. That's who we were looking for! We did luck out as we were closing up shop when a lady that lives down the street who just-so-happens-to-be keeping her out of town grandSON next week and needed some gear and clothes! JACKPOT!
So, we pretty much made barely enough to get my cabinents. Hopefully we'll be going to get them tomorrow after swim class. They will be unfinished (arg) so it's not like they will be able to come STRAIGHT into the house...have to stain, and attach the counter top. The goal is to have them done by Thursday this week before my Mom gets here for her visit! (and before I lose my sanity in my 3 square inch kitchen).
OOOOOOH!!! ALSO!! I saw online that Michaels (a craft store) was having some kind of "Free Wilton Fondant Demo" at our store this past saturday, and I was determined to go, even thought we had all that other stuff going on on Sat. I had no idea what to expect, it could be cool or totally lame. But, I needed more info about the Wilton classes I want to take, so I figured I'd get at least that. The girl had a small table set up by the door and was just cutting out circles and stars out of small pieces of fondant and putting them on cupcakes. I mean, my cat could do that. But she said, she had to do what Wilton told her to do. No one else really stopped by, so I asked her if I could ask her some questions. I walked out of there with TONS of advice and tips and a crash course in fondant to hopefully solve some of the issues I've been having with it. YAAAAYYYY!! I am really pumped for my class next month. She will be teaching it and she seemed to appreciate that I was really into it and cared about being good at it. :)

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