Tuesday, November 29, 2016

China glaze periwinkle plumerias

Hey guys! Today I have another look I came up with while swatching the China Glaze Seas and Greetings collection, which you can see here! I'm clearly obsessed with this beachy holiday collection! As soon as I brushed on Good Tide-ings and saw how creamy and opaque it was, I immediately stopped and got out my stamping stuff! I'm having a lot of fun with my new interest in stamping and it's nice to have a rekindled interest in nail art.

The technique is pretty simple. Brush a little polish at the top of the image....

Use your scraper and scrape the polish down to fill in the image....

Pick it up with your stamper and place on a dry nail.  I find about 10 min after applying Seche Vite is long enough. I'm still wrestling with my clear stamper having the head get pushed down in the base...how to I prevent that?? I brushed a little clear polish around in there hoping it would stick better and it didn't work....so I just have to press really gently. Which is hard for me and sometimes doesn't pick up all the image!

I just love how this looks! So simple :)

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