Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016: Simple Stamped Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving week again! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving....what is everyone eating?! I seriously love Thanksgiving. Its one of the few redeeming qualities about Fall. I love making a huge meal with a ton of sides, gravy from scratch and a giant turkey! And the leftover turkey sandwiches for daysssss. Are you a turkey sandwich person or a full plate of leftovers person? Full plate here but my husband and kids are sandwich people.

I am so obsessed with the newfound looks that stamping is giving me! I seriously never thought I would get into stamping. I even just ordered some more plates! For some reason though, I have several Pueen plates now but the Nature Lover 01 plate I keep going back to.  I love this leaves design! I thought I'd try a little contrast stamping for a simple yet elegant look.

The polishes I used are, from left, OPI- OPI Scores a Goal! and OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. These are both from the Brazil collection a few years ago, which is phenomenal. If you don't have any of them and see them around be sure to pick up a few!

These are both fairly opaque and creamy polishes I was curious how they'd stamp over each other.

Turns out, pretty good!

I went ahead and used my liquid latex, I've been a little lazy about using it lately but OPI Scores a Goal is fairly dark and dark polish + dry skin = no bueno.

This is a simple enough process that I was able to do all 10 fingers to match! Yay me.

I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around showed up pretty good over such a dark polish! I've been completely obsessed with these... I wore this mani all weekend!

Here's extra pictures....because I had them ;)

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