Friday, September 11, 2015

31dc2015 Part one: the colors Roundup!

Hey guys! Today I have a little roundup of all the mani's I did for the first part of this year's 31 day challenge! This is a fun little challenge that goes around in the  nail world each September and this is my 3rd year participating! Maybe I will actually complete it this year :( I always get stuck and burned out on the last part! My goal for this year is to try to use as much untried/unblogged polishes as I can, I have a little system of marking each one as it gets blogged about, it helps me when I want to get rid of some! This post has a lot pics and I will just get right into it! I have chosen not to blog for each  mani because I just don't have time!!! So I will have one post for each part (10 mani's). I will list each polish I used for each mani. If there's any other info yall want just let me know in the comments! At the end I have links for my manis from years past, its fun to see the improvement each year!

31DC2015 part one!

Red: base Zoya Hannah, dots Zoya Codie (untried), texture OPI What Wizardry is This (unblogged)


orange: base Zoya Ember, glitter Pipe Dream Polish custom from our meetup last year, texture Zoya Dhara (untried), sideways half moons done with nail vinyls.


yellow: Funky Fingers Alex's Lemonade (untried), white Funky Fingers, glitter Salon Perfect Cosmic Black (untried), stripes done with nail vinyls.


green: OPI My dogsled is a Hybrid, free hand gold tips OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby.


blue: base Zoya Sia, ziz zag nail vinyls and Zoya Twila (untried, I have a mini!), texture Zoya Nori.


violet: base Zoya Lidia, single chevron nail vinyls and Zoya Payton.


Black and White: OPI Alpine Snow (duh-best white ever), black OPI Black Onyx (best black ever), watermarbled those (stupid air bubble!) and for the bow I made my own little stencil from vinyl tape and a paper punch! The black texture is OPI Emotions. Really loved these!!

black and white

Metallic: base Zoya Charli, dry brushes of Zoya Aggie, Tris, and Cinnamon.


Rainbow: I didn't really love these :/ but that's ok! The gold is OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby and I topped the rainbow with China Glaze Fairy Dust. The rainbow colors are all Salon Perfect, in rainbow order and all untried except the green: Haute Pink, Flamingo Flair, Yowza Yellow, Loopy Lime, Nothing but Blue Skies, A Royal Affair.


These were my other favorite. Guys, yall know I've been terrible at gradients...they were my kryptonite. I think I have finally turned a corner! This is China Glaze S'More Fun and Take a Hike, topped with Fairy Dust. Really proud of these!


There you go! I still am hanging in there, I really hope I can finish! Here are the links for my past challenges! Which one is yalls favorite??

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