Saturday, September 26, 2015

31dc2015 Part 2: The patterns Round up!

Hey guys! Here's my round up post for the second part of the nail art challenge going on right now! I don't have time to blog every single mani so this is how I'm doing it to document my mani's! I'll keep my intro short since there's so many pics. If you missed my first section round up you can see it here! One last thing...I've noticed several new followers to my blog this week....if you just started following my blog let me know in the comments where you found me! :)

31DC2015 part two

Here we go! Like before I'll just give a quick little list of the polishes I used for each mani. I've been doing super good using up untrieds/ 20 so far I think!

For dots I tried out a little framework pattern...I've never done anything like that before! I quite like it! I used Zoya Estelle (blue) and Aggie (gold)

For animal print I did Zebra....shocker. I'm not much of an animal print person so I almost always only do zebra! I keep having to find new ways do it! This time I tried a more understated look...Zoya Janel and the zebra print with matte topcoat (NYC matte, not my fav)

animal print

I always take "glitter" day as an easy day! But I did use a new untried glitter! Pipe Dream Polish "Clouds in my Coffee" over Zoya Cinnamon!


Next is half moons....also not my favorite but I actually did all of my fingers for the first time! This is based on my Aggie Ring! whoop! Are you an Aggie who found my blog by searching for all things Aggie? Let me know! To do this design I painted a gold base (Zoya Aggie) and the with half moon nail vinyls (or you could use page hole reinforcements) I painted my favorite maroon, Zoya Toni. Then I placed some circle glitters from OPI I Snow You Love Me. I really loved this!

half moons

Galaxy...another one I don't love. Are we seeing a pattern here!? I do galaxy once a year...which makes my 3rd time ever doing one, haha. I try to do them a little different each time but I feel like they come out the same. Oh well! I used all China Glaze here: base-Sleeping Under the Stars, colors- Rain Dance the Night Away, Don't Mesa with My Heart, SMore Fun. Topped with Fairy Dust.


Flowers: I actually used my back up Design from the Picture Polish Nail Art quarterly! Flowers always stump me. This is *supposed* to look like a lavender field. I used Picture Polish Shy Violet, Marine, and Never Nude for the bunny.


Stripes: NOW we are talking!!!!!!!!!! I'm just a geometric girl, always have been. I was that way with cakes too ;) Base here is OPI Worth a Pretty Penne, striping tape and OPI Black Onyx. I freaking loved these SO HARD.


I thought these would look cool matte so I added OPI Matte topcoat (the best!) and zomg, love them even more! (hee hee, I say that like Olaf in my head)

matte stripes

Delicate print, I struggle with this one too. I decided on a girly dry brush. I used OPI Hawaiian Orchid (untried) with Int'l Crime Caper and Love.Angel.Music.Baby


Geometric....YEAH BABY. Remember when I used to colorblock all the time??? I just don't seem to have time anymore. I miss it! I used all the Zoya fall Flair collection for this. :)


Lastly watermarble. I really love watermarble, now that I finally have some latex for my fingers I'm hoping I can do it more! For this I used Pipe Dream Polish Happy Hour (teal) On the List (pink) and Clearwater over white (OPI Alpine Snow).


Added matte topcoat to these also, yep.

matte watermarble

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