Monday, September 28, 2015

Sally Hanson XTreme Wear shades for 2015

Hey guys! Life has gotten a little busy for me lately so I'm just now getting these up! Sally Hanson sent me a few of their new XTreme wear shades to review! I really really love the brush in this line, but the formulas can be hit or miss. They just recently revamped the whole line. Lets just get right into them!

Sally Hanson XTreme Wear 2015

First up is my fav of the bunch, Out for Oxblood. Guys, the formula on this one is PERFECT! This is 2 coats, no topcoat. I mean...this  jumped right up into my small group of favorite maroons!

Out for Oxblood
Next up is Gypsy Jade.  Guys....this was not a winner for me. Its soooooo sheer. I need to try it with some "undies" (a base coat of color) and I might like it better! I stopped at 3 coats and still felt like it was really sheer. It might be ok at 4? I think this would look really cool over black's on my to do list!

Gypsy Jade
Last up is Boho Blue, which looks similar to the cult favorite from the old version of this line, Pacific Blue. Last year when they changed the formula of Pacific Blue there was such outrage, haha! I do have the original one and I included a comparison! This shade comes closer to the original PB than the newer, if that makes sense. But the formula on Boho Blue is super thin and watery, I was a little disappointed. I stopped at 3 coats here too, it needs another one for full opacity.

Boho Blue

Here's the two side by side...almost identical, right?

Pacific Blue vs Boho Blue

Here's the comparison on the nail. They look a little more different in this pic, on the nail I could barely tell them apart. BUT, the formula is the difference. I used 2 coats of Pacific Blue, but it barely needs a second coat. I have 3 coats of Boho Blue on.

Overall, Out for Oxblood is the clear winner out of this lot for me! I am going to try Gypsy Jade over another color very soon. Sally Hanson is available in drugstores everywhere!

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