Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Loaded Laquer Dashboard Dancing and Picture Polish BonBon nail art

Hey guys! Today I have a mani I wore several weeks ago! I was super sad to take it off :(  I recently received my yearly (or twice yearly) order from Picture Polish. I mentioned before, I order several a time directly from them to get the best deal! I also have some newish Loaded Lacquers I'm dying to get into so I've been combining them a lot!

This is Picture Polish "BonBon", a gorgeous blue cream. So simple yet so beautiful! Previously my favorite blue cream was OPI Ogre the Top Blue, buutttttttt I think I have a new favorite now!

The glitter is "Dashboard Dancing" from Loaded Lacquer. Its a fully loaded glitter bomb topper with turquoise, pink and purple hex glitters of all sizes in a clear base.

I did have to color correct the blue a little so excuse the wonky skin tone!


For this look, I just used some straight nail vinyls after the blue was dry and marked off an area for glitter. I applied the glitter to a sponge to sop up the base and then dabbed it on. I used Picture Polish Bright White and a striping brush to make the white lines after removing the vinyls, then a quick coat of top coat and done! Be sure to check out my Instagram page here for a  quick little video tutorial! I just don't have time to make longer versions right now, but hopefully I will soon!

Here is Bon Bon in all her glory. I will have a post coming up soon with swatches of the first half of the batch of my new PP's!

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