Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What I wore (June 2015)

Hey guys! Its the last day of June-whoa! I haven't been blogging much this month, I've mostly been just enjoying trying out and wearing some of my newer polishes! Most of these have been posted on Instagram but I need to document them here so I can mark them with my little sticker system! I thought I would type up a couple thoughts on each before we head to the pool- I'll keep it short because my keyboard is being super wonky!

This is Loaded Lacquer "Double Shot of Sriracha". Let's be honest, I bought this for the name! I'm not as super in to holos as a lot of people, but this is gorgeous! It photographs a little darker than it is. It's pretty sheer on the first coat, but surprisingly opaque on the 2nd! I'll probably do 3 coats the next time I wear it though.
Loaded Lacquer Sriracha

Loaded Lacquer Sriracha

This is Polish My Life "Birthday Suit", a really pretty creamy nude that almost glows against my super tan-at-the-moment skin! I think this is 2 coats, but I didn't write it down. I've worn this before but not as a full mani! I love it!! 

Polish My Life Birthday Suit

After a couple days (ok one day) I felt a strong urge to add some gold. I used zig zag nail vinyls and my favorite nude-gold polish Pipe Dream Polish "Champagne Kisses" 

Pipe Dream Polish Champagne Kisses

I also wore Zoya Ginni in an effort to have a mani hold up against going to the pool so much! We all know water is the ENEMY! It lasted a couple days, I actually thought it would last longer. 

Zoya Ginni

Lastly is Loaded Lacquer Dragon Fruit, an almost neon pink jelly. Jellies are meant to be a little sheer and applied with several thin coats to look squishy. This is 3 thin coats. This surprisingly has held up the best against the salty water of the pool! Hooray! 

Loaded Lacquer Dragon Fruit

Last night I couldn't decide if I was going to swap out polish or add....I didn't want to take off Dragon Fruit yet so I added more gold (sheesh) using lightning bolt nail vinyls and matte topcoat! I actually started with my Zoya matte topcoat, and after 2 coats it still wasn't mattifying for some reason. I've never had a problem with it before, so maybe Zoya just doesn't like jellies?? Weird! So I added a THIRD coat, one of OPI matte topcoat, and ever so reliable it worked! Yipee! 

Bliss Polish Mermaid crown

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