Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loaded Lacquer Mintallica and Picture Polish Tiffany nail art

Hey guys! This post has been in my drafts forever-I wore this weeks ago! I just have been wrapped up in summer and going to the pool almost every day. I just want to soak it up as much as possible! When I get home I'm totally wiped, and then there's all the regular non-nail stuff I have to keep up with! So blogging for me may be limited to swatches during the summer, but I'm still posting my current mani's on Instagram! :)

This is an awesome look I wore weeks ago after I got a Loaded Lacquer and Picture Polish orders both almost a the same time! (purchased myself) I thought these 2 would look amazing together.

Here's a quick look at Picture Polish Tiffany by itself. I still have a review post on PP coming soon!
How gorgeous is this!!!!

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Mintallica is a dense glitter in a clear base. It has silver, gunmetal and mint glitters in all sizes. I had no problem getting the larger glitters on to the nail!


I just used single chevron nail vinyls to do the one accent nail and a sponge to pack the glitter on to my ring finger!

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