Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl (Patriot themed) nails for 2015!

Hey guys! It's Superbowl Sunday! Today I have a little thing called "twin nails" where I and another girl (my friend Beckie of @PolishedbyBeckie) get together and design a mani to do together! Fun right! Even with the same design the outcome is still usually just a tad different and I love that! I stayed up way late last night to get these done (so busy lately!) and I was filming each step which always make the process take longer!

Beckie and I are both Patriots fans so naturally we needed to do some Patriots nails!

Click Read more after the jump for more pics and polishes used!
I apologize for my lighting being all over the place. Mostly I do nail stuff during naptime in the afternoons and theres some light from the window my desk is under. Since this was a night even with my lights I feel like my videos especially were shadowy like crazy! And I'm afraid naptime is coming to an end so don't even get me started....I have no idea what I'll do then.

Ok I used a ton of polishes for these so lets just get right into it!

Thumb: base of OPI This Gown Needs a Crown (silver) and one thin layer of Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching, and then topped with Hard Candy Soda Pop (r/w/b glitter)

Striped nails: base of OPI TGNAC again and when it was dry I used skinny straight nail vinyls for the stripes (my striping tape was not cooperating). The red is Zoya Posh Matte Velvet (since it's matte I had to work quickly!) and the blue is Zoya Song. You can see how I apply the polish and remove the vinyls in the videos. When it was dry I applied my topcoat sideways to prevent smearing! ;)

Football nail: base of Zoya Louise (brown) and laces made with white striper. Easy!

Green nail: I used my signature "grassy nail" combo of Zoya Chita (green texture) topped with Zoya Rina (green bar glitter). I used the same white striper for the Roman numerals and topcoat again!

Check out the 3 video tutorials! They are in super fast mode because I didn't have time to make the slower versions. I might at a later date!

Here's the little collage she made with both our mani's! So cool right! Her stripes are so perfect I can't even stand it.

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