Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Purple ombre Zebra stripes for Marcella's Birthday!

Hey guys! Today I have some zebra stripes and another video! I am on a roll, haha!

Today is my friend Marcella's birthday, my sista from anotha beach ;) and  one of my fellow "Glitter Gals". We have been having so much fun doing these birthday collab manis lately! It's been a busy week because hers and Aly's birthdays are only few days apart! Plus with this week being Valentine's week and me trying to get some looks done for that, AND videos, and life being hectic it's been crazy!

Marcella loves purple and animal  prints so we decided to all chose a different animal to do. I called Zebra because it's the only one I can do ;)

Here is the collage we posted on Instagram. Isn't it cool???

I used 4 purple OPI polishes. 3 of them were untried! I am doing super good this week plowing through my "untrieds". With my system of marking the tops of the bottles with little stickers it makes it easy to see which haven't been documented during the life of this blog yet. (Many I used before hand but didn't start marking them until I relaunched). Purple is not a color I reach for a lot so no surprise I have several untried purples. I don't know why, I rarely wear purple and then when I do I leave it on for a week! Go figure!

Here are the colors I used:
base (lightest): OPI Lucky Lucky Lavendar (the only one that I've used before)
top ombre color: Planks a Lot
middle ombre color: Funky Dunky
bottom ombre color: Miss You-niverse

I'm actually super happy with the way these turned out! I got off to a rough start and then realized I was using the wrong brush :/

Here's the video tutorial I shot. It's a little longer than usual because I wanted to show yall how slow I go. I always check a picture before hand and during to remind myself how the pattern goes. It's just a series of V's, Y's, and lines! If you break it down it's not that complicated. And, you can see how shaky my hands are. World's Shakiest Hands! Reminder : my You Tube videos (the new versions with the on screen text instructions) are not sped up at all--they are in real time.

To do these stripes (for me anyway) I HAVE to use a striping brush. The middle 2 nails are what happens when I try to use a shorter fine tip brush. Even if I trim it down, I just can not seem to get fine lines. I don't know how some girls do it!!! Before I took this off to do those nails over I thought to snap a quick pic so yall can see a little behind the scenes. They look like craaaappppppp! More like camo than zebra haha! I did those 2 and it was just not happening and I was getting really frustrated, them I decided to try my striper (which I then remembered I'd used before). I used the Winstonia brushes they sent me a while ago, I haven't used them in months it feel like! I forgot how much I like them--I just don't do free hand art that much because, well, I suck at it. :)

Right before I was making lunch today I noticed how sunny it is! There's still no leaves or anything on the trees so the sun can come right through in our back yard. Oh, how I miss natural light! Come on summer so I can photograph outside more! So here's some gratuitous  sunlight pics.

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