Monday, February 9, 2015

Fish Scale nails for Aly's Birthday!

Hello! I had kind of a crazy weekend, I meant to get this blog up yesterday! The stomach flu came through our house, I was up all night with my 6 year old and paid for it all day on Saturday! The rest of us some how seem to have escaped, so feeling very lucky!

Yesterday was my friend Aly's  (  @alygaterr ) birthday! My fellow glitter gals and I got together and did these fish scale nails to celebrate her love (and skill!) for fishing! I love these birthday mani's, they are so fun.

I used EIGHT polishes for this mani inspired by Kelli of The Nail Polish Challenge, all Zoyas!

Here's the little collage we made. We decided to all do the same method but in different color families. I think this might be my favorite one yet! So cool right! We all used 7 or 8 polishes!

The Glitter Gals!

Here's a quick pic I snapped of all the polishes I used! (I had picked out  more but had to narrow it down, haha)

Top row, from left: Vespa, Nyx, Tomoko, Piaf (untried)
Bottom row, from left: Bevin (untried), Josie (untried), Kristen (untried), and Remy.

It's hard to believe I had 4 untried Zoyas, 3 of which are in the blue/green family, but I did!

CLICK HERE to watch the video!

This is a fun little look at my towel (its actually an old dinner napkin) I used to wipe my dotting tool after

This was definitely a challenging mani, especially since I filmed. I felt like it was taking forever and my blobs of polish kept drying out, and I kept forgetting where my fresh blobs were! Haha! The nails I did not filming (I filmed the first one) went much faster, thankfully! I was thinking after the first one I didn't know how many more I have in me! You wouldn't think this would be that complicated because I just uses dots, but it was! BUT I think they all look FREAKING COOL so I might actually do it again! :)

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