Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shop Eighty 4 thermal polishes

Hey guys! Quick post for today. A friend sent me these temperature thermal polishes because I have been wanting some forever! These are Shop  Eighty 4 Berrly There (sheer pink transitions to cranberry red) and The Sea (blue transitions to teal)

I wanted to do some art combining the 2 much like I did with the Funky Fingers solar changing polishes...but I didn't have much luck! I think I read that temperature polishes do have a shelf life on them, I'm not sure what it is, but these aren't that old. I dipped my fingers in hot and cold water and saw no change really.

I also meant to do my chevrons differently on purpose, but I don't think they came out like I envisioned. The blue polish is totally gorgeous and I will definitely wear it on its own like a regular polish again. Ah well, chalking this up to a big giant nail fail and moving on!



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