Friday, October 1, 2010

What I haven't been doing this week...

Well, I didn't get to this week's Tour of the Big 12 cake, because I need black fondant for the ::cough:: OSU logo (even though I am so tempted to make the "easier" logo they have on their helmets and field, not the one that's on the Big 12 logo circle, but whatever, ANYWAY, I have another cake this weekend that I need the black for, so I want to be sure I have enough first! I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but I will! I barely got anything done on the second costume this week either. I got the material pieces cut out, but that's all! I've been busy all week catching up on laundry and cleaning the house for the father-in-law to come for a visit this weekend. I have a super funny story about him I'll have to tell next time.

(Hopefully, me not getting the cake done before game time is NOT what made us lose...)

Anyhoo, I did make these little beauties for a famous musician's birthday this weekend. OK, maybe you haven't heard of him, but you should! He is the brother of someone my Husband works with--and she is one of my best clients :) -- and he has a show this weekend here in TN. They just wanted something simple, yellow cake with half vanilla frosting and half choc. Sometimes simple is the best!

I did the frosting a little different this time. The ingredients were the same, I just used my wire whip attachment instead of the beater for the frosting. It did make it very light and fluffy, and pretty much tasted the same, but I'm not sure I'm diggin the "air pockets" it leaves.

I hope he likes them! Here's his website if you want to give his music a listen. (I hope he and his sis are ok with me putting it here!) It's kind of hard to describe, but I really like it. It's so different!

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