Monday, October 4, 2010

Half-Marathon Training: 8 weeeks to go

Wow it's getting close! I'm still having a bit of a hard time with my new shoes. I guess it's like a new car that you don't know where all the controls are at and it's just wierd. Good, but wierd.

My first short run (30) min was the first run in the new shoes. I don't think I had them laced tight enough, because they felt way too big and loose on my feet. Granted, they are a size bigger than I'm used to, that's supposed to help with the blistering. So for my 2nd short run, I tightened them up a bit. Too much, it turns out, because it caused the new insole arch support thingy to be too tight on my foot and I had hella blisters after just 3 miles! I was really worried about attempting 10 miles in them. I was prepared to take those suckers back after that. Should I put the large bandaid on my foot like I usually do so I can get the mileage in or give my shoes a chance to do what they are supposed to ? The consensus was give them a try and take them if I need them. I packed up tons of bandaids in my pouch and loosened the laces up a TON. And off I went.

For my long run, 10 miles, a new record distance for me, the weather was awesome. And by awesome, I mean COLD. It was like 45 degrees. Which wouldn't be too bad but it was really windy! I set out in a t-shirt and shorts, but had to call my hub to bring me my running jacket because the icy wind was cutting right through my chest! I really thought I wouldn't need it and would warm up quickly. Brrr!!

And...I did it!! Around 5 miles I was thinking...Ok, I'm ready for my foot to start hurting now. didn't! It was so wierd! After 9 miles my knees started to get a little rickety and ouchy. But I finished in my time frame goal and got absolutely NO blisters. FOR THE FIRST TIME! YAY!!!!!

P.S. 10 miles is a frickin' long way yall. An hour and 50 minutes long. That's like a whole movie.

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