Friday, August 26, 2016

Zoya Urban Grunge for Fall 2016: the Metallics

Hello! Today I have the first half of the fall 2016 from Zoya called Urban Grunge. This "metallic" half contains a few shimmers and a few new colors in the beloved scattered holos Zoya is known for! If you are a fan of Dream, Blaze, Aurora, Payton, and Storm then there's a few here you will need. NEED! Let's get to it! And be sure to check out the sister collection the Urban Grunge Cremes.

Britta is a raspberry pink creme with a strong gold shimmer. The formulas on these polishes were AMAZING and swatching them was truely a dream! This is one coat plus topcoat, and the formula was so awesome and controllable I barely had to use my clean up brush at all! 


Troy is another one coat gunmetal shimmer. Definitely the "grungiest" of the bunch! Excellent formula, one coat plus topcoat. 


Ash is a more red version of Britta, amazing formula, blah blah blah. These are seriously perfect. One coat plus topcoat. 


On to the holos! Finley is a GORGEOUS purple scattered holo. This is 2 coats plus topcoat, but I barely needed the 2nd coat. I feel like the formula has improved from the Dream/Storm days! 


Merida is the one lots of us have been waiting for! I'm a blue girl so I already have Dream (although a turquoise would be nice!) I can't deny how amazing this polish is! This is 2 coats (barely needed 2nd) of green sparkly goodness with toocoat. I think the name is perfect too-I was late on the Brave movie bandwagon but since watching it recently I really loved it!


Alicia is a unique one of the bunch, it has the same type of scattered holo bits in it but the base is sort of clear. I was worried it would take a million coats to be opaque, but it wound up only being 2! If your nails are even one millimeter longer than mine you might need 3. This is not an everyday polish for me but would be amazing on NYE! 


The Urban Grunge collection is available now for $10 on! Be sure to follow Zoya on all their social media-they are always having amazing deals with free shipping, there's no reason not to pick these up! :)

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