Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lush Guardian of the Forest bath bomb review PLUS matching Zoya manicure!

Hey guys! Today's the first official Lush review from me! I have lots of different stuff coming up, content wise, and I hope you guys enjoy some variety. I know I do!

My Lush reviews will be a little different...I'm not going to be getting in-depth as to the "notes" of the scents and when they decide to appear and on what level using these products, yadda yadda yadda. There's plenty of other sites for that as well as the Lush websites. What I WILL be doing is giving a regular-person impression of the products, what I think they smell like in laymans terms, and if I would repurchase them (the ultimate judgement!) I've also been having fun creating mani's that match them :)

I'm starting with the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb-lets go! 

Guardian of the Forest

Guardian of the Forest falls in the "grassy" scent family. If you are into fresh-cut grass candles then it's for you. I've always liked those scents, but in the past have never been a fan of bath products like it. I'm mostly been in a cranberry/vanilla/cocoa world my whole life until this past year when I've really gotten into lavender-which has been quite the gateway into more earthy scents! I'm still surprising myself. 

I created a coordinating mani to go with this bath bomb using Zoya Josie for the base-a really pretty grassy green- and Zoya Zuza. Zuza is a sparkly teal shimmer that I blobbed on and drug around my dotting tool to create a marbled effect! I think it matched pretty well! 

Here is a little sped up clip of what happens when you put this bomb in your bath! It fizzes like crazy and immediately turns the water a deep foresty sea green. It was just heavenly! It also moved around a lot and when the inside colors began to show they wanted to stay face down under water so I kept having to flip it over, haha! 

It really gives the feel of a spa bath. The scent also stayed and did not fade during my bath so that's a double plus!

I did not want to get out of this tub. Ever. I stayed in much longer than I normally do! I didn't use any bubbles because I wanted to experience this as it was.

Overall I would and am going to definitely buy this one again. If you just HATE grassy scents then you might pass but it's not overwhelming enough that you shouldn't just try it once! If anything for that gorgeous water! 

This bath bomb was purchased by me at Lush UK online store. For more info on why I purchase overseas read here!


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