Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rimmel "Keep Calm" Lip Balms Review

Hey guys! I have a non-nail post today! I plan on mixing in more non-nail/lifestyle posts in the new year, that was my intention all along when I formally switched my blog over to a mostly nail blog! Rimmel sent me their new tinted lip balms a little while ago and I've been testing them out and wearing them comparing them to my favorite current lip balms, the Fresh Sugar lip treatments and the NYX Butter lip balms.

And now....
Here are the 5 colors (the entire collection I believe) they sent me:

Keep Calm Lip Balms
From left:

Keep Calm and Shop (010) Clear
Keep Calm and Kiss (020) Pink Blush
Keep Calm and Play (040) Rose Blush
Keep Calm and Rock (030) Berry Blush
Keep Calm and Party (050) Violet Blush

Here is my current collection of Sugar balms...before your jaw hits the ground they are minis! I don't have any full size, I tend to grab the little mini packs when they are available! For the price of around 2 full size balms I got this set of 5 minis in a wide range of colors!

Fresh Sugar lip balms

First up is swatches of the 4 that have color...the clear one doesn't need a swatch ;)
This is several swipes to attain this amount of color. They are pretty sheer with the exception of Rock.

I found that the only one that came close to the Sugar balm is the Rock one, in both consistency, color and color payoff.

These 4 are all very similar in color, the Nyx balm has the best color payoff-that's one swipe! I didn't include any other of the Nyx balms here because none came close in color to the Rimmels, but if yall want to see them let me know!

I really have been liking these Rimmel balms. They do take several swipes to get decent color but you can't beat the price....they are around $2.50 for 0.13 oz, where is the Fresh Sugar balms are $22.50 for 0.15 oz. The Nyx balms are $3.99 for 0.14 oz. I usually wait till the Nyx balms are on sale at Ulta and then grab a bunch! The scent of the Rimmel balms is nice, sort of a lemony-vanilla frosting type smell. The Sugar balms get a bad wrap for being too soft and melty-which they are-the Rimmels are much firmer-more like a lipstick. The Nyx balms have more of a Chapstick-type feel. I am constantly at lip balms during the winter and it's nice to have a little color when you don't want to be wearing heavy lipstick. They are available now at drugstores everywhere! I've already seen them on an endcap at my Walmart. I recommend the clear (I use it over matte lippies and lipliner) and the Rock, Party and Play varieties! Lately my go to is nude-pink lip liner and a little tinted balm. The Kiss one didn't have any color payoff at all....I classify it in the clear bunch. At that price you can grab all of them-they make great stocking stuffers :)

As I mentioned earlier the Rimmel balms were sent to me from Rimmel but my opinion is my own and I was not compensated  for this post :)

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