Friday, March 6, 2015

Limited Edition Panda nail wraps from Scratch!

Hey guys! I have another long overdue review for you, hopefully the folks at Scratch will forgive me! 5 minutes after I received these a few weeks ago we got the first ice storm and the kids were home for a week, then my son had a birthday and party, half my kids have been sick AND we are in the  middle of moving! It never stops, does it??

These are LIMITED EDITION nail wraps from Scratch this month! To get these you had to subscribe to their monthly box by the end of February (to get them first) or wait for them to be available to the rest of the public, which is NOW! :) They are designed by Rik Lee and are available now for $12. Here is the look I created with them!

( I will probably wear these through the weekend so I'll update with a wear test!)

Panda nails!

Here is

what you get when you receive your wraps. I didn't photograph the process because I've already done a tutorial on how to apply them, which you can see  here

When you open them you get the sealed package, an orange stick and a file .


There's 2 strips in the sealed package. Guys...THE CUTENESS UGH

the cuteness!

a few words....these are clear, meaning the pandas are white and black but everything else is clear. So I would recommend a white or close to base coat unless you are going for the "negative space" look. I'm not sure how opaque the white is, but I think if you chose a dark color it would definitely tint your pandas ;) AND... like I said before....these require no heat to apply. Just peel off the front and back and place them on your nails. They are thin and easy to get smooth on the nail. I even used my cleanup brush this time with a little acetone to straighten the edges a little around my cuticle and it worked great!

My original idea involved watermarbling which I still might do! The set gives you enough different sizes to do all you nails or all your toes, but I only used a couple because I want them to last! My free hand bamboo not the greatest (this is why I don't draw on my nails unless it's dots ;) but my 9 year old recognized it as bamboo this am so I consider that  a WIN!

The polishes I used are:

basecoat: OPI Ridgefiller
green: High Roller from Pipe Dream Polish
nude: Birthday Suit from Polish My Life (it's not white, more of a bone or ivory)
topcoat: HK Girl from Glisten & Glow

I used a striper brush to do the "bamboo" on my middle nail and I added a teeny bit on my index nail on top of the nail before adding topcoat (yes, top coat these wraps!)

All in all....I really like these. If you are free-hand-arty challenged like me then you might give these a go! They are easier to use than other heat-activated wraps I've used in the past, and lay flatter on the nail because they are thinner. Yes, these were provided for me to try BUT if I didn't think they were cute to begin with OR I completely hated the first set they gave me then I would have said no thanks ;)

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