Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Color Club You're So Vain and Obsessed swatches!

Hey guys! I have a few more swatches for you today. I received these for Christmas from my friend Marcella of @lovepurplepolish  (they were on my wish list) And I just love them! They are textured polishes from Color Club, a brand I don't have a lot of!

This is You're So Vain, a purple texture with firey gold shimmer. These aren't quite as textured as some of my liquid sands or pixie dusts, nor as sparkly, and I still love them!

When I put this on a thought jumped in my head--this looks exactly like OPI Alcatraz Rocks! (my all time favorite polish) No wonder I was drawn to it! So I grabbed it and did a quick comparison. Can you tell which is which?

On my index and ring finger is the CC and middle finger and pinky is OPI. Super similar, yes?? You're so Vain is so purple it makes Alcatraz Rocks look blue!

I increased the exposure on this pic so you can maybe tell a little more.

This is Obsessed, a darker green texture with teal shimmer through out. Oh man I love this too!  I wish it was a little more sparkly, but it's overlookable! There are several other polishes in this line and now I want them all! wahhhhhhh

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