Friday, March 13, 2015

Cinderella nails inspired by MAC Cinderella!

Hey guys! Today is Cinderella movie day yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not actually sure when I'll get to see it because we are in the middle of moving and things are a little crazy! Last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) I stumbled across the MAC Cinderella collection. Some one I follow posted a picture of what she bought (from the first online launch I'm guessing) and I was like WHAAATTTTT! Cinderella has always my favorite princess, long time readers of my blog might remember when I made a running costume for the Disney Princess Half Marathon ;) My wedding was also (subtly and not so subtly) Cinderella themed!

In recent times my interests have changed a little (more so each day I parent 3 hyenas boys.... ) I have been slowly getting into makeup the last few months (previously and my whole life I have been wearing very little.) And each morning I wake up just my face powder is not cutting it anymore if you know what I mean! It has been fun, actually, getting what I call "big girl" makeup!  So anyway the collection was completely sold out by the time I found about it. I whined about it to my like minded friends and hit up my husband to make a trip to a MAC counter the next day (while on a business trip mind you) AND THEN a friend alerted me to a surprise restock on! Which is a good thing because we were snowed in AND it sold out in minutes in stores anyway!

I ordered as much as I possible could that I actually thought I would use. I've never owned or used anything from MAC and there is a few parts to this collection that are more on a professional level. And itssssss essssspensive. I'm still not used to high-end makeup prices! This is a one time thing for me I think! I wanted to do a post with a mani inspired by the packaging and give a few more recommendations for Cinderella themed polishes from my stash! That's the longest intro ever!

 ( I do have more pictures of just the makeup that if  I get time I may write a post on them, just for informational purposes. I probably won't swatch them. Or maybe I will. That's not really my game!)

Let's get on with it! Here's the look I made, inspired by the packaging and a few fellow nail artists! Click read more after the pic!


Above is a pic of just the makeup. I bought the "beauty powder", eyeshadow palette, 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses.  I'm thinking of selling the lipglosses to help pay for my other purchases so I haven't used them yet but I'm already getting attached to them :/ I mean. Let's just take a moment.

Here are the polishes I pulled that most match the colors on the packaging OR are just Cinderellaish to me ;)

from the top Zoya:
Zoya Rayne, Zoya Vega, Essie Bikini So Teeny, OPI Love Angel Music Baby, Zoya Rebel, Love Angeline Polish Let's Snuggle, OPI 50 Years of Style, Nicole by OPI Stand by Your Manny, OPI Glitzerland, Sinful Colors Cinderella, Pipe Dream Polish Champagne Kisses

This post does not have swatches of all these, they are just some ideas!

The one that matches the best is Bikini So Teeny.

I also tried out  new Ridge Filling basecoat by Essie. Not that impressed, but will use again soon!

Here's a simple swatch

I meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

To get the gold tip I just used a gold polish ( I used OPI 50 years of style, a really opaque metallic gold) and held it to the tip of my nail. I held the brush still and rotated my nail. It takes a little practice but it's not that hard! (@nailsbyarelisp on Instagram has  a great tutorial on it!)

Here's a swatch of Cinderella, which is in here only for the name. My bottle is at least 2 years old, and I've been hearing it might have been reformulated so maybe I'll pick up a new one! This shows FOUR coats and its still streaky. I rarely wear it because of that. For Shame!

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Here's a little comparison of Cinderella to Love Angeline "Let's Snuggle" which was limited edition and only available in January. (sorry!)

Not the same, similar ;)

This swatch shows 4 coats of Cinderella and 3 coats of Let's Snuggle. It's slightly more opaque YAY!

Here is Zoya Rayne, which is available now as part of the Spring Collection! You can see my review here!

Here' a little comparison between Bikini So Teeny and Stand by Your Manny.

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Manny has a bit more shimmer, but still so sheer! This is 2 coats, it might be ok at 3 but this was the last one I did and I was just out of time. Again, would wear it more if it was more opaque!

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Honolulu Orchid by Island Girl gets an honorable mention for 2 reasons. 1) Its the only light blue-ish polish I have with a pinkish purpleish duochrome shimmer to it the most similar to the MAC packaging. 2)There's more than one version of this polish! I purchased another one as a gift and it was a straight up crème! What the heck, Island Girl???

I haven't worn this yet and I didn't have time to swatch it but I will soon I hope!

Last but not least, Zoya Vega. Vega how you make my heart sing! I have been wearing this all week. This was part of the summer Magical Pixies from last year (purchased myself) and I believe it's still available on! These pixiedusts make my nails so strong and I need them like iron during the move! Plus its blue and sparkely and textured and the end.

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