Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zoya Nyx and Cosmo (accidental Cinderella Nails)

Hello! Today I have yet another reason Cinderella is my soul-sister and favorite Princess....when I was scanning through my untried (as far as this blog is concerned) polishes I grabbed these 2, thinking they would go nicely together. As soon as I got done with the first coat on the first hand, I realized, these are totally Cinderella nails! And I'm totally ok with that.

This is Zoya Nyx (the blue) and Cosmo (the gold). Nyx is Zoya's original finer Pixiedust Formula, and Cosmo is the newer, chunkier holographic formula. I'll say it again, I just love textured polish, it lasts forever on me and I feel like my nails are strong like ox when I have it on.

These are both from my Zoya Earth Day shopping adventure :)





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