Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Star Cutout Splatter Nail Art with Zoya Tickled Collection!

Hey guys! Today I have probably one of the most fun nails I've ever done! I was loving my splatter mani so much I posted yesterday, and I needed a "Star" themed mani for an upcoming Nail It (magazine) issue, I thought I'd do something similar to the butterflies I did here .  I really loved how they came out, and boy did these get a lot of attention every where I went! That's a good sign, right?


All I did was use my star paper punch to cut out a star from painters tape. Then I placed them over my nail a little off center so that there was a little hanging off so I could have something to grab when I pulled it off. I used Zoya Raven (the same I used for the base) to paint over the free space and then removed the star with tweezers!  Add topcoat then done!

This is what they looked like before I added topcoat. I was on the fence about adding the topcoat, you can see here the stars are matte because  I wore these for a few days matte before adding the stars.

before topcoat

shade, before topcoat

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  1. Great work man i would like to congratulate you on this effort


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