Thursday, June 12, 2014

Essie mix and match

Hey guys! As promised I'm trying to step out of my box this month. So here is a mix and match mani, which are quite popular but I don't do very often. Hmmm, what do you think?
I used "nail  vinyls" for the 2 chevrons, I think there is a definite learning curve with them, as they didn't turn out as good as my times using tape. I will try them again!

Apologies for the lighting, we haven't had much sun lately and I only take my pics outside so the lighting on these is natural light on a gloomy day.

Colors used are all Essie: Come Here (coral), Beyond Cozy (glitter) and Mint Candy Apple (light blue...its not "mint" at all to me but whatever!)


This is  my first time doing flowers/roses that aren't "cartoony" in type. I need more practice!


This is Mint Candy Apple by itself. I love it as a light blue, but it's not a mint to me!


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