Thursday, March 3, 2016

What I wore January & February 2016 (swatches and nail art spam!)

Hey guys! Here's the latest installment of my mani-round up blogs. I started this at the end of the year last year as a way to move away from blogging every.single.mani I wear ( who has time for that?) especially when for the time being I am focusing on swatching and cataloging my collection. Sometimes I will be combing months like this one if I don't get around to wearing a lot of manicures for myself! This is mostly just for my own records, haha. I'm also trying to keep them concise because a) I can get wordy and b) these aren't really review posts!

For past posts click the "what I wore" tag at the end of this post!

Only mani I wore in January! Thanks pneumonia! OPI Taupeless Beach. Perfection as always.

Taupe-less Beach

Zoya Lake with OPI 50 years of Style (gold), Honey Rider (gold texture) and matte topcoat. Watermarble  with Pipe Dream Polish Clearwater.

Loaded Lacquer Clark, Glitter's Full! (and untried! What!)  and OPI Tiffany Case (blue texture)

This was my Valentine's mani: Orly Hawaiian Punch (untried-pink crème) and Miss Conduct (unblogged)  and Zoya Arabella.

China Glaze Let's Chalk about It (light pink) , Chrome is Where the Heart Is, OPI Make Him Mine (texture) , Zoya Aurora (purple holo)

OPI Pussy Galore (pink texture), That's Hula-rious (green) and some embellishments.

Last but not least is the mani I wore last weekend! This is OPI Give me Space, one of my recent finds at a Sally  clearance sale! I paid like $1.80 for this! This was the main polish I wanted from OPI's holiday collection last year, but since I have Zoya Dream I never did. I heard the formula was much better on the Zoya...and it is. That said, DANG YALL this is pretty! This is 2 coats plus one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite. I did these nails on Thursday and we were going on a little weekend family trip and I needed them to last. I've also not tried Gelous on a crème for this purpose yet!

I took this Tuesday right before I took it off. 5 and 1/2 days, not too shabby!! My right hand looked a little worse, because it's my dominant hand.

There you have it! See ya next time!

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