Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Floss Gloss Brand Review and swatches

Hey guys! Today I have yet another brand review as I continue to work through my stash and untried! These 2 Floss Gloss polishes were a gift from a friend :) This is my first experience with Floss Gloss so I wanted to do a full post on them.  Look how completely awesome the packaging is! Those shiny gold caps! Heart eyes. I've been wanting some for years :)

Floss Gloss is a small boutique brand available online only (as far as I know, I could be wrong). They retail around $8 for 5.5 ml. for reference, standard OPI (and most mainstream brands) bottles are 15 ml and most minis are 3.75ml. So they are closer to a mini sized polish for $8. That's a little high to me, but maybe not for a boutique brand.

Here is a look at the wand and brush. The wand is really short-because the cap is so tall and the bottle is so short. That presented a bit of a challenge to me. The brush is short and flat, and perfect. It's very similar to what the European Essie brushes are like. Why can't we get those here, dangit! I love flat brushes the most, so that's a major plus for me!

Here's a look at the relative size of the bottle compared to some more well known varieties.

This is Picnic, a brick maroon red. Guys, the formula on this is AMAZING. Easy to control and it practically applied itself! I was seriously impressed. And obviously, I love maroon, even though this one leans a little more brown I still love!

The second polish I have is a topper so I just applied it right over. It's called Selena Corpus Crystalina (long name!) It's a clear polish with white and holographic particles. The glitter payoff  is ok, it needed more than one coat. This is more like one and a half. Of course, you can use as little or as much as you want with toppers!

All in all, I am really impressed with these polishes! I think the price is a little high and the wand is short, those are really my only negative comments. The formula is amazing and if I catch them having a sale I will definitely pick up some more! Probably some pinks and blues ;) I just can't with the packaging....its so cute! 

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  1. They have some good sales. I picked up a large collection a year or two ago and was very happy with them. You need Wet and Wave Pool!


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