Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zoya Whispers Transitional collection for Winter 2016

Hey guys! Today I have some more new Zoyas for you! For the past few years Zoya has been putting out these transitional collections, usually they are nude or berry toned neutrals. And I have loved them all! They went in a different direction this year with dusty pastel cremes. Let's get into it!


A couple notes about the collection before I start. All swatches are 2 coats plus topcoat unless noted. I did have a rough time with having too much on my brush and getting on the nail initially, even after scraping it off. The polish really wanted to cling to the stick part of the brush. So just be aware of that! But for the most part if my 2nd coat was a little thicker it covered just fine.

Cala was the first one I swatched and I fell in love immediately! It reminded me of my favorite nude from Zoya-Taylor. When I pulled it out Taylor was surprisingly much darker! Cala is a yellow toned nude and reminded me of the banana setting powders I've been using lately for under my eyes, haha! 


Misty is a taupey army khaki green creme. It's way more khaki than it photographs, it's not as green as it looks here. 


April is a barely pink creme. This is the only one that needed 3 coats to even things out! 


Ireland is a light avocado green. I feel like this photographs darker than it is also, but I gave up trying to fix it. 


Eastyn is a purple toned taupe. It leans more purple on me. Really work appropriate!


Lake robins egg dusty blue. Obsessed. Got the swatched last honor! I swear I'm trying not to always swatch the blue polishes last but I keep on doing it....I just can't help it. This polish is perfect...I'm obsessed.


The formula on all of these was perfect, despite the issues I had with flooding my nail. 
Retail price is $10 at and Ulta! Be sure to follow Zoya on all their social media channels because they are always having deals...I haven't paid more than $5 for a bottle of Zoya in a while!
Let me know if there are any comparisons you guys want to see! I held these against all the Zoyas I have and found NO zoya dupes-if you can believe it! 

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