Thursday, February 4, 2016

NYC glitters Swatches and Review, and a little Life Update!

Hey guys! Today I have some fun glitters from NYC which is one of the first brands I started collecting when I got into nail polish! They retail for around $1.99 and come in a billion colors. Does it dry in an actual minute? No, not really, but you can't beat the range for the price! The also have a small but flat brush with a nice even edge. They prove that even drugstore brands can have a decent brush.....I'm looking at you, Sally Hansen.

A few words about my absence from blogging for those that don't follow me elsewhere...I had bronchitis for most of December and then the kids were out of school for the holidays, then as soon as they went back to school I came down with pneumonia! Just on one side but I've never had it before. I'm finally about over it but I'm still coughing a little-I'm SO. SICK. OF. COUGHING. Anyhow, I'm hoping to finally get back into my blogging schedule! This is not my job or a source of income for me, I do it in my free time (trying to get better about only doing it when I'm caught up on other stuff) so when I get sick or something else comes up it usually has to take a back seat.  Yes, I could do it at night but I choose to hang with my husband and watch "Caribbean Life" and when he's traveling and I have the 3 boys by myself I'm usually spent by the time they go to bed so I spend my evenings with a glass of wine and Netflix, haha. I do miss it and yall  though! I have several collections I received when I was sick so I'm finally tackling them in the order I got them :)

First up is NY Princess and it's a purple glitter jelly. This type of polish needs thin layers to build up and the result is beautiful with a lot of dimension! So squishy and shiny! This is 2 coats, I would probably add another for long term wear. 

NY Princess

Fashion Queen is more of a glitter topper to me but this is 3 coats plus topcoat. You can still see a little bit of nail edge. This one is a pass for me but I might like it over another color. 

Fashion Princess

Ruby Slippers is a red jelly glitter. This is 2 coats plus topcoat. This is really nice, very cheery. I would probably add a third coat again for wearing. 

Ruby Slippers

Sea of Diamonds is an ocean blue glitter jelly. 2 coats plus 3 topcoat. I just love this, obviously! This will be going on my toes VERY soon :)

Sea of Diamonds

NYC is available at Walmart and Target and retails for $1.99. 

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