Monday, November 16, 2015

Face of Australia and Nail It! Australian brands reveiw

Hey guys! I have little mini-review for you today! I have these under the "purchased by me" tag but they were actually a gift from my sister in law in Australia! It me forever to get to them, shame on me! I love them so much (heart eyes)!

First up is a brand I've seen online but never owned until now! Its called Nail It! (giggle) and this minty (matte!) crème is called Sports girl. I didn't write down how many coats I used but I'm pretty sure it was 3! The formula was a bit tricky as with all matte crèmes, this is the only matte crème I have, the rest of the matte polishes I have are shimmery, etc! But who can resist a good mint nail polish?? NO ONE I say!

Nail It! "Sportsgirl"

I used the other polish she gave me, Face of Australia "Studio 54" to create a little gradient with a sponge! Its a really pretty coppery glitter topper. I added a coat of my OPI matte topcoat to keep it matte! What do yall think??

(I just re read through this post and I apologize for the over usage of the exclamation mark. Geez.)

FOA Studio 54

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