Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Picture Polish Nail Art Quarterly: Round 2!

Hey guys! Today my blog is all about my design for Picture Polish's second nail art competition, Nail Art Quarterly! I was so excited to be chosen again because the theme "geometric" is waayyy more my style than the floral-themed last one! Here's what I came up with!

We were able to choose 3-5 shades out do our own collection (and only striping tape or straight nail vinyls) and I chose five of my favorites. Marine, Tiffany, Honeydew, Bonbon, and Chillax. All blues and greens! I also arranged them in sort of a lightest to darkest order to create a subtle ombre effect.  I hope you guys enjoy this progression of pics  I took as I went :)

I started early by practicing on one of my old mani's. I knew immediately I wanted to do a design within a design. I decided on using striping tape to create blocks within a color block design.

Once I got my white base down on D-day (haha) I thought I might want to a alternate the direction of the internal blocks. Just because it want complicated enough!! Ha! I used my thumb to practice.

I laid out my color block first and then with different colored tape started my lines. 

I filled in the squares I wanted and then removed the tape and cleaned up. This is what it looked like:

Then I added topcoat and let dry. When it was dry enough to tape over I laid out the color block lines again and then laid out the other diagonal.

After filling in again and cleaning up this is what it looked like. I decided to go with that on all my nails!

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Here is the rest of the nails after phase one:

and then after phase 2 and glossy topcoat:

I was happy with them but thought the glossy glare took away some from the design. So I added my matte topcoat from PP called G'Day Matte (giggle!) and thought it much better, yes? It's not as matte as some of my others...more of a satin finish but I love it!

Here was my official pic I submitted showing all the polishes I used :) This was super fun and an honor to be one of the only 50 participants! At the time of posting this blog the winner has not been announced......WISH ME LUCK!!! I feel much better about these than the floral contest but there is some seriously insane talent out there-the competition is stiff!!!


  1. This is absolutely amazing, I totally want to recreate this, such a creative idea!!!

    1. Thanks so much Traci! Stock up on some striping tape haha!


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