Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zoya Matte Velvets for 2015 Swatches and Review

Hey guys! I'm back from a little hiatus. Its been a whole month since my last blog! I just had to focus on getting some things done around the house. Yall know how that is! Today I have what's probably my most anticipated collection from Zoya since the last Matte Velvets came out, the new Matte Velvets for 2015! As soon as I saw the pictures of this collection I was PUMPED for that blue matte! This collection has a few similar collections as the last one and some new colors! Here's my post on last year's Matte Velvets! I totally was *not* going to do any comparisons because by the time I received my replacement shipment (the first one was so badly damaged I still can barely talk about it) I feel like its already been done a lot buuuuuuttt I did anyway so those will be up tomorrow. I tend to gush about the Matte Velvets because I love them so much (just like last year) so know that even though these were sent to me to review I actually honestly love them just so much love love. Love.

I love them.

Ok, we get it.

Lets get right into it!

Zoya 2015 Matte Velvets

First up is Iris which is a really pretty pinkish purple! For all swatches I used 2 coats, no base or topcoat. Just as with the previous batch, the formula on these is PERFECT. I had zero issues.


Honor is an emerald green. It's much brighter and sparklier than Veruschka, despite being a very similar shade of green (comparisons coming tomorrow!) If you are a green person then you need this. Trust me. It looks AMAZING with topcoat too!


Amal is more of a cherry red than last year's red (Posh). Just so pretty and completely perfect. This one's named after the new Mrs.Clooney, right? Is that a safe assumption? :)


Now to the new shades! Aspen is a bright sparkly white. The formula is still perfect but maybe a smidge less perfect than the others. It's not her fault though, that's the case with all whites. I still was able to get a way with 2 coats but my second coat was a little heavier than usual. I have a comparison for this coming tomorrow too! Aspen is super sparkly, I wasn't careful enough on my clean up and wound up with sparkles all over my skin. Not such a bad problem I guess?


I usually save my favorite for last..which is hard to pick when I love them all. This one comes a close 2nd. Sue is a shimmery champagne-y nudish gold. ahhhhhhhhhh bestill my heart! Godiva is one of my FAVORITE Zoyas hands down, and this is the Matte Velvet version of it!


Lastly is Yves. I mean. Really? Yall know. This one gets me like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one got swatched last so I didn't have to put myself through the pain of taking it off ;) Oh and plus also? It's a ONE COATER. Yep. I reminded me of another one of my favorite one coater Zoya blues! Can yall guess which one it is? Comparison coming tomorrow!


Now if we could just get these in some spring colors I would be the happiest girl on the planet! How about a lighter pink, a turquoise, aqua, maybe a mint green? Ok just all the blues and greens? haha!

These are available now on Zoya.com for $10 each, I'm not sure when they will be in stores! Be sure to follow Zoya on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because they are ALWAYS having promos! There's really no reason to ever pay full price for a Zoya polish ;)

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