Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Zoya Matte Velvets 2015 Comparisons!

Hey guys! Here's my comparions for the new Matte Velvets! I wasn't even going to do them because I feel like they've already been done some but I just did them anyway! I do love a good comparison ;) If you missed my post yesterday you can find it here.

Unless noted I used 2 coats of all polishes mentioned and no base or topcoat!

I compared Iris with 2 of the MV's from last year, Harlow and Savita. You can see Iris is more similar in formula to Savita but more in color to Harlow! Harlow was my FAV of last year's collection hands down, no contest.

Iris comparisons

Here is Honor and Veruschka from last year. These were the most similar..except I feel like in person they looked a little more different than they do here. I actually like Honor much better--it seems brighter!

Honor comparison

Here is the last of the similar colors from last year. These look way close in the bottle but on the nail super different. Amal is more of a bright cherry red, and I prefer it over Posh.

Amal comparison

On to the new colors! The closest I have to Aspen in my Zoya collection is Genesis, which is also a shimmery white polish. Shown here is 3 tricky coats of Genesis with topcoat and then on my ring finger is 2 easy coats of Aspen with topcoat. Almost identical, but Aspen rules as far as formula!

Aspen comparison

I don't really have anything similar to Sue, but these are what I found closest. Godiva is so beautiful, isn't it! It much more gold that Sue on the nail. I also threw in OPI Love Angel Music Baby which is one of my favs too. Its a satin (almost matte) gold shimmery polish. I picked it to compare because the formula is very similar to Sue!

Sue comparison

Lastly, Yves. I didn't think I had anything to compare this too, until I threw some top coat on it! It sure looked familiar! The shade is almost identical to Song but you can see in the Song (with matte topcoat) nail it's slightly different. With glossy topcoat they are almost identical...and you still need them both ;) Both Song and Yves are also one coaters!

Yves comparison

What you you guys think of these? Let me know in the comments if there's anything else you can think of that might come close to these, if I have it I'll try to post it!


  1. I'm so glad you did a comparison post! I really like Amal, otherwise I could probably pass on these new matte velvets.

    1. Thank you Sarah! You need the blue, though ;)

  2. Did you read my mind?! I've been wondering how aspen compared to genesis and Sue to opi love, angel, music, baby. Thank you so much! 😄


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