Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day nails (work appropriate)

Good Morning! Today's the last day you have to hear me crappin' on about St. Patrick's day! I wanted to create a "work appropriate" look for those who may not be allowed to rock some bright green/gold/rainbow/shamrock-y nails at work! If this is too wild still, you could always do these dots just on one finger.

This is a dot gradient of OPI Amazon...Amazoff on top of OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (which you need in your life. Trust me!) I am seriously loving this mod look lately!

direct sun

natural light indoors
This was screaming at me to matte, I've really neglected my matte lately before this week! I had a feeling....and....

direct sun


WOWZA this is my fav (below)!!! Why do I love this so much??????

indoor natural light

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