Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patrick's Day nails (rainbow chevron texture)

Hi! I'm just keeping the St. Paddy's Day train going! I tried to do a design like this last year and it just didn't come out right. I'm pretty sure it was before I really realized the value of scotch tape! Ha!

Polishes I used here are all Zoya Pixiedusts. I scored a whole ton of them for super cheap during the Flash Promos they did this past December. Yay!

Let see if I can remember them all....
green: Chita
gold: Tomoko
red: Chyna
orange: Beatrix
yellow: Solange
blue: Sunshine
purple: Carter
gold: Tomoko

Ok, I had to cheat and look again at the name of the orange one. So sue me!

I'm not sure why my nail with just Tomoko looks kind of bare in the pic. It's two coats and looks totally opaque in person!

direct sun
Even though this next pic is in the shade and doesn't show the sparkle as much, it's my favorite! Also, how gorgous is Chita? Never gets old! 


Then I added topcoat. When adding topcoat to textures I usually do a mixture of Gelous and Seche Vite.

with topcoat, direct sun

Here's a pic of my attempt at this last year...I've come a long way in one year! I still don't feel my new chevrons are perfect enough but they are better than this! :)

One last pic..... The reason my pics are crazy in direct sun....SPARKLEZZZZZZZZ!

direct sun, with topcoat, blurry to show sparkles

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