Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon: My costume (a preview)

Another update: To see how the finished product turned out, CLICK HERE!!!

Update: It's finished! It turned out pretty good! Buuuuuut..... I think I have decided not to post pics of it until AFTER the race. I want it to be original! Don't worry, I've taken several pics of the process so that when I get time, if there's interest, I'll make a loose instructional post. So, now all I have to do is do a practice run in my costume. It's a good thing we have a treadmill, even though it doesn't work that great. Otherwise I'd be gettin  up at zero-dark-thirty to run in the dark so I don't look a fool!!!

I am SO above and beyond excited for this race! Entering me in it was my birthday present from my husband. I'm going by myself, which I have mixed feelings about. I'm sure it will be good to get away (for 36 hours) but I wish so hard we all could go. It's on a Sunday morning, and in the middle of school for the boys. I'm flying down Saturday morning and back Sunday afternoon after the race. But this has been on my "bucket race list" ever since I knew it existed!

I'm a big Disney buff! But since we have all boys, there's a sad lack of princess-y things around here. So, since I knew people dress up for these races, YOU BETTER BELIEVE dressing up! Yay! I'm so making a costume. I've been between making a complete costume and "dressing up" some regular running clothes. Especially since comfort is key for me. I decided on the later, since I can get additional use out of the running stuff. I've been scouring the Internet for months looking for ideas. I've finally come up with my own design. (You'd think I'd pick a princess that wears pink like Sleeping Beauty so I could wear PINK but I'm a Cinderella girl so blue it is! The thing of it is, her original dress WAS pink, but those bitchy step sisters ruined it!)

I purchased some basics at Academy since I didn't have what I needed in the correct colors. I decided on an inexpensive tennis skirt since running skirts are like $50-60!!!

Then I got some glittery satin in 2 colors for an over skirt and arm puff thingies (I'm sure there's a technical term....) and some soft black ribbon for the choker.

I'll add more pics and update this post as I get it made!


  1. Oh Yes!!! Very cool!! Im running this race too!! Alone as well!! I have a white run skirt and blue tank too!! Also going to do a tiny tiara. Super excited for this race!! Can't wait to see how your costume turns out. You can follow me at!

    1. Yay! I made a blue headband out of the same material to wear instead of a tiara.


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