Monday, January 21, 2013

Cakes from 2012

Here is a summary of the very small amount of cake-making I did last year. Balancing a newborn in the mix of everything else here did not allow for much! (See: No Blogging) But I did manage to eek out a few things.
First up is a small cake and cupcakes I made for a baby girl shower.
The cupcakes were vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough , and cinnamon latte. The cake was carrot.

These are little chocolate dipped marshmallows I made for Halloween. Franken-mallows!

This was the first  birthday cake I made for the baby. I've been wanting to make a cake covered in sprinkles for a while! Keeping in mind it was only 2 tiers of 4 and 6 inches, it didn't take me as long as I thought or as much sprinkles as I thought. I have lots left over!

The oldest turned 7 and request a Cowboys stadium. With the doors open, Mom. I didn't have much time to work on it and I would change a few things, but it turned out ok!


Another shot of the sprinkle cake with the candle on it!

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