Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember Me?

Hello, out there!

I can't believe I haven't blogged anything since November 30. I just got so busy with "life" stuff, traveling for both the holidays and all that entails, plus Christmas here, plus as soon as we got back we all got snowed in for a week and got the flu for 2 weeks! Plus, I've been extremely frustrated with my computer, it's a laptop that's about 7 years old and on it's last leg. It makes me not want to be on it AT ALL. Hopefully we will be able to get a new one soon. I've also been reorganizing and declutterifying this house, top to bottom. We don't have much storage space, and not even everything is unpacked since we moved 8 months ago. I sort of just decided, if we don't have room for it, then we don't need it! Whew! It's a big job, but 4 weeks into it, I am breathing much easier with much less "stuff" around. Related: we will be having another garage sale. SOON.

I have a huge list of things to share, what I have been creating, baking and such. I hope I get some of my readers back and gain some new ones! We have some big projects on the horizon!

Starting with...baking (hopefully) a TON of cakes for Valentine's Day and Transforming my big boy's room from a baby/toddler room to a

wait for it...

BIG BOY ROOM. ::sniff::
#1 turned 5 years old. FIVE!! HOW CAN I HAVE A FIVE YEAR OLD!! ugh.
also? #2 will be 3 in one month. So help me! #1 was the "easy" one when he was that age, until he turned 3. Then the challenges came. #2? Has been challenging since day ONE. So, I'm starting to prepare myself. I think I need to start stocking up on wine now.

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