Monday, November 24, 2014

Wear test featuring Zoya Harlow (matte velvet!)

Hey guys! This will be a short little blog..... I did a little experiment about a month ago with the Zoya Matte Velvets (which I'm still obsessed with!)  I've been hearing that people are hesitant about matte polish because it doesn't wear well/chips easily. I have such an enormous love for these particular polishes, not only for their quick dry time and amazing colors (although whyyyyyy isn't there a blueeeee) and I just want to keep on blabbing about them!

I didn't take a picture of them when I first did them....what is wrong with me, haha! But this was sometime in the first 24 hours I had it on so that's gonna count. I wore a simple mani of Harlow (matte) with accent of Arabella (textured pixiedust) and took pics at the end of each day!

note: I did wear a ridge filling basecoat with these. Zoya says to  not wear a basecoat or topcoat with the Matte Velvets, buuuuttttt I did anyway. I do think basecoat helps extend the wear time.

So nothing special about these pics, except the wear is remarkable considering how rough on my hands I am!

end of day 2

end of day 3
Amazing right! I got 4 full days out of this before I took it off. Some of the naysayers might remember getting pictures sent to them repeatedly proving my case ;)

end of day 4

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