Thursday, August 18, 2011

PW Penne a la Betsy and Homeade Ranch

Hi! This past week has been crazy....getting BOTH boys ready for school, backpacks and lunch boxes ready, spare sets of clothes, EVERYTHING labeled! And this week the boys have been going to school every other day, so keeping it straight has been a full time job! More on that later.

I did have a busy cooking week last week but barely had time to post about anything! (so much so that this week is "leftover week" because our fridge/freezer space is so limited!) I only made one thing from the PW book, the Shrimp Penne. Well, 2 things. I also made the homeade ranch. Here it is on my wedge salad. It was very thick, more like a dip, and it does say you can thin it out if needed. It needed. I added a small amt of milk to some to make it more runny for dressing. I still found it too thick and frankly not enough flavor for iceberg, which is already pretty dull. However, it IS really good as a vegetable/cracker dip. My husband really liked it alot, much to my surprise! He even took some to work and apparently it went over well there too.

Here is the shrimp cooking in butter. YUM. The end.

Finished result-the sauce is tomato sauce with heavy cream...yummmm...I love creamy tomato sauce. Yes my pasta is funky colored....the only penne I had on hand was vegetable pasta. Yeah, I'm that person who buys "healthy" pasta.

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