Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday-its a jungle out there! (plus mini tutorial)

It's Black Friday! It's a jungle out there! What deals are yall grabbing up today? Or did you go out last night?? I avoid the crowds at all costs, I have to stay home with the kiddos anyway :) My husband likes to go out and have the whole experience, sometimes we get deals and sometimes not!

Today I have a look I came up with when I was swatching the China Glaze Seas and Greetings collection, which you can check out here. The title polish, Seas and Greetings, is a really pretty purple shimmer. It really glows, especially in the sun. I wanted to play with  my stamping stuff more, the more practice the better, so here's what I came up with!

I used the Pueen Nature Lover 01 plate and a super opaque, one coater crème from last year's China Glaze collection, called Take a Hike.

Here's the basic method for stamping. Brush some polish at the top of the image...

Use the scraper to scrape the polish down the image...not too hard or you won't leave enough polish in the grooves...which I'm still practicing!

Use the stamper to press into the image...

Pick it up and admire your work... and press it on your nail. You do need to have your basecoat pretty dry, I find that after 10 minutes from applying Seche Vite it's dry enough. That's a big difference from the drying time to wait to use nail vinyls! The whole process has to be fairly quick, or it will dry out in between steps. Still working on that also!

I use tape to clean off the dried polish from the stamper.

There you go! I didn't get the lion very centered, because I've been having some trouble with my clear stamper so I used the one that came with my kit. It works great, you just cant see through it.

 I opted for a matte topcoat just to see what it looked like over the shimmer in the sun. It almost gives a tinted glass effect. So cool!

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