Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Falling leaves mani stamped with Pueen

Hey guys! Happy last day of November! I figured it needed to get this post live before Christmas Nails season begins (happy dance). I wore this about 6 weeks ago, and I'm just now getting it up here! Mostly because I filmed the process, I haven't been filming lately but I'm still working on a good method for me.

This was one of the first mani's I did with my new Pueen stamping plates I ordered off Amazon! I have been having alot of fun with them.

For the leaves I used a mixture of Zoya Courtney, Cam, Darcy, and Wyatt. The nude base is Cala and the gold is Levi, which picked up on my stamper fairly well.


Check out the video to see how I achieved the mixing of the colors on the plate :)

(Drumroll) I even did my right hand! I usually never have nailart on my right hand because using vinyls takes too long and I pretty  much can't even use a dotting tool with my left hand. Stamping has opened up a whole new world! Matching nail art on both hands?!?

my right hand!

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