Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snowflake winter nails with OPI Can't Find My Czechbook

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! What is everyone up to?  I am starting my Thanksgiving grocery list! For the past several years I make a huge traditional meal and I love it! It's a ton of work but it's worth it! And the Mr. lives for the leftover turkey hoagie. LIVES I tell you. Haha! What is your fav leftover! I don't usually mix them up in weird ways, I will just make another plate of all the same things!

These aren't very Thanksgiving-y but that's ok! These are another collab that I did last friend Danele of Low Country Lacquer just passed her one year mark on Instagram so my fellow Glitter Gals and I decided to sneakily recreate HER recreation of her first mani! So fun! I didn't have the Essie she used so I reached for the closest thing I have...and one of my FAV polishes I have across all brands, OPI Can't Find My Czechbook. I am lucky this in the core line as of right now, if it ever gets discontinued I will be frantically hoarding them!

And then there's one other thing....Guys. I am not a person who edits her pics. Like, at all. I try to not mess with them if I don't have to. But this polish is such a pretty color and when I was looking at my pics I was noticing that it looked way more blue and less turquoise. BOO! So I figured out how to color correct a little to show how it looks in real life. BUT I wanted to show both versions!

This is the corrected version and how it looks in real life. You have to be really careful about color correcting because your skin gets weird fast!

This is SOTC (straight out of the camera). It look much more light blue.

Again, below is right out of the camera,

and this is corrected to true color.

By the way, on my ring finger is Essie Beyond Cozy and on my thumbs is OPI Tiffany Case! The snowflake is done with a silver striper by Kiss and I added a single glitter in the  middle from OPI I Snow You Love Me, my fav or a rhinestone look but FLAT!

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