Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My first foil mani with Salon Perfect Baby Blues

Hey guys! Here's a mani I did last week for this go-around of submissions for Nail It! Mag, these  are for a "Foil" prompt for the March issue!

I've never used foil before so I had no idea what I was doing, haha! But they turned out ok?

The foil I have is like one small sheet crumpled up in a little round tin. I  just used my scissors and tweezers to break off little bits of it and lay down on my polish while still tacky. There are lots of other ways to use the foil, most more exciting than this! But I love the combo of blue/gold.

I have no idea if these will get chosen or not, usually I don't post my submission mani's until the mag comes out but I wanted to share these now! Do yall have any tips to make using foils any easier? Because I was pretty much like a cat with scotch tape stuck to its paw. Take a minute for that visual. :)

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