Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Day Manicure

Hi there out there! I'm posting this from my phone, trying it out again, because the only thing I have time to do when I am actually on the computer is pay the bills! Who knows when I'll be able to get back to blogging. The thing about doing all the blog-worthy things is I'm busy DOING them and not blogging about them :)

But I do have a new hobby. This is what happened when my husband recently went to visit his family overseas for 10 days. Gotta entertain myself somehow! I stumbled across some really coooool manicures looking at Halloween stuff on google images. And now I'm pretty much obsessed. Along with my mini-midlife crisis of becoming waaaaay more girly lately. Turning 35 with an all-boy household will do that to ya! So I may be posting them here for anyone else who is into this sort of thing. It's a little bit addicting :)

You can also follow @NailsByAnAggie on twitter for more pics. There's tons of ideas out there!

First up is my Election Day mani-regardless of your affiliation, get out and Rock the Vote! But as you can see I'm clearly *not* bi-partisan :) Who says Katy Perry gets to have all the fun???
[Republican elephant manicure, Romney-Ryan manicure, VOTE manicure]

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