Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first ever 5k/10k combo and another Half...

These are from April and a little irrelevant now, but I need to get this blog up to date!

This is from my first ever 5k and 10k combo...The weather was horrible, cold and windy and rainy. The 5k was first and my time was pretty terrible. Then, since I didn't have any time to chill before the 10k, I basically looped around the finish/start line and went right into the 10k. I actually did much better on that one, somehow, and set a new PR for myself! Whoop! I was damn proud of myself that I even did it. I figured it would be good training for the upcoming Country Music Marathon in 2 weeks. The main sponsor was the local Dairy company, Purity, hence the cow.

And on to the Country Music Marathon (and 1/2 for me)....

There was so many people, yall, my cell phone pic doesn't even begin to do it justice. In front of me was just a sea of people. 35,000 or something. I had never done a race with more than like 2,500 people, so that's a big jump! It was very well organized.

Because it's part of the "Rock n Roll Marathon" series, they had bands set up about every mile or so. They weren't all as fancy as this one, but it was so cool! I couldn't even hear my ipod most of the time.

There were also tons of spectators along the way. This was my favorite one.

So, I finished the race, but my time was teeeeeerrible. It was the most hilly course I've ever done, and while it's an awesome event, I don't think I'll do it again. I'll stick to the wimpy flat courses!

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