Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Picture Polish Nail Art Quarterly-my mani!

Hey guys! Here is my mani (posted on Instagram yesterday) for Picture Polish's first (new) competition called nail art quarterly! They are switching things up a little and are no longer doing their blog fest like in years past. They are doing something similar, separate from this, but if you have participated in the past you can't again! So I'm glad I was chosen to participate  this time!!

The challenge was to create a FREE HAND and FLORAL design using no vinyls, tape, stamping etc. Those are the 2 hardest things for me!!! I have the shakiest hands everrrrrrr. 

We also were only able to choose 3 PP shades to work with and black or white acrylic paint (or PP polishes) to use. That part was super hard too, especially for flowers!! I tried to think out of the box for my color combinations. (I actually did another design first with completely different colors but liked this one better! I'll post that one soon!) 

The color palate I chose was in mimicking fall bouquets of mums we get to place outside our door...most of which include Aggie maroon ;) 

The colors I chose were Beige for the background, and Bonkers and Sorbet for the mums! 

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