Thursday, July 30, 2015

Palm tree Sunset gradient nails with Zoya Rocky!

Hey guys! This is a throwback Thursday post for me because I loved this mani so much I wanted to give it it's own post! These are the nails I wore for my trip to South Carolina to visit my friend Danele. She lives near Hilton Head and let me tell you, I was so impressed with the beach there!  I have been able to go to the beach more this year than ever before since moving away and it's only making me miss it more and more! Especially since school starts here in 2 weeks Boooooo!

This was only my second or third time doing a gradient, and I used my OPI peel off base on my skin around it, and it did help. I stay far far away from gradients usually because they never look the way I want and the clean up is a b*****. But, this is the first one I've done that I don't completely hate, and, dare, I say, I may be attempting it again!! Yikes!!

Zoya Rocky

These are the colors I used.... all Zoya :) Some purchased by me, some samples. I really wanted to use Rocky, which I have been wanting FOREVER and finally ordered during the last promo!

From left: Purity (base for gradient), Darcy (yellow), Rocha (orangy red), Rocky (blue), and Bar (glitter- Pixie Dust). I did the palm tree with black polish and a striping brush.

color pallete
Seriously. In love with these!

We did twin nails also! Her gradients are so good.  We used almost all the same polishes!

twin nails at the beach!

She is really into craft beer and I had my first one while I was there! This one had a coffee flavor so it was a good one to try :) I liked it!

bestie twin beer nails!

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